Together Network for Transformation

with Dr. Michael Hinojosa

This exclusive, invite-only 5-part leadership collective brings the most influential and accomplished school leaders in the country together in an effort to improve student outcomes, create momentum for career-defining initiatives, and foster a culture and expectation of high-performance at every level of your school organization.

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Who’s it for?

Experienced school leaders
(invite only)


Every other month,
starting in April 2024


(per invitee)


Dr. Michael Hinojosa

As a school superintendent for six school systems, over a nearly four-decade career, including stints at two of the nation’s largest districts — Dallas Independent School District and Cobb County School District in Georgia — Dr. Michael Hinojosa developed a reputation as a coach and innovator with a track-record for academic improvement.

In 2020, the Council of the Great City Schools awarded Dr. Hinojosa with its prestigious Green Garner Award for Urban Educator of the Year.

“Life at the top is lonely. Today’s superintendents need a safe space, where we can talk candidly, learn from others’ past mistakes, and circle around what works.”


After stepping away from the superintendency in 2022, Dr. Hinojosa has criss-crossed the country, advising school leaders at the nation’s largest and most challenged urban systems.

Having been a superintendent, Dr. Hinojosa recognized the critical importance of mentorship. He’d benefited from the help of mentors and coaches throughout his career. But he was also wary of certain shortcomings.

One-to-one relationships are incredibly valuable to school CEOs, but they often lack the group thinking needed to produce solutions. Conversely, on-site retreats and workshops are great for networking, but too watered-down to support meaningful, goal-oriented work.

Dr. Hinojosa had a different idea: Rather than build a wall around his superintendent colleagues, why not bring the best and brightest together as part of an exclusive collective to push the envelope on leadership, spurring an entirely new approach to school improvement and innovation, based on mastering the “art of the possible.”

The Challenge

T oday’s schools face unprecedented challenges: historic learning gaps, community dissent, chronic absenteeism, family and staff disengagement, competition for students and shrinking enrollment.

Recent history proves that the old thinking won’t cut it — worse, it’ll get your contract canceled.

This five-session leadership collective was designed to bring the most experienced and accomplished school leaders in the country together, at a critical time, to workshop ideas, build a shared confidence, and achieve strategic goals within their schools and communities.

In addition to collaborative group thinking, each participating school leader benefits from a personal 1:1 session with Dr. Hinojosa, where you can talk, in the strictest confidence, about the issues and challenges affecting your ability to lead and execute.

The Experience

Each invite-only registration features the following benefits:

Practical Group Leadership Sessions

Join Dr. Hinojosa and a select group of leading school superintendents for a series of (5) candid, highly engaging, collaborative group-coaching sessions. (60 min. each)

1:1 Confidential Meeting w/Dr. Hinojosa

In addition to group coaching, each invite-only participant receives (1) confidential coaching session with Dr. Hinojosa.

Resources, Planning & Goal Tracking

Track your progress, access resources and manage your experience with password-protected access to engage2learn’s Growelab coaching platform (included with registration).

Plus, a copy of Dr. Hinojosa new book

Every invitee receives a copy of Dr. Hinojosa’s book on transformational school leadership.

The Sessions

Session #1

Friday, September 20, 2024 (virtual) | 10:30-11:30 CT | 11:30-12:30 ET

Turn your political adversaries into career allies
  • Use your influence to turn politics into power
  • Master the leadership triangle (board-staff-community)
  • Transform your adversaries into career allies
Session #2

Friday. November 8, 2024 (virtual) 10:30-11:30 CT | 11:30-12:30 ET

Replace strategic planning with strategic thinking
  • The power of strategic thinking vs. planning
  • How strategic initiatives enable transformation
  • How to blow up bad ideas (& survive) to fix them
Session #3

Friday, January 10, 2025 (virtual) 10:30-11:30 CT | 11:30-12:30 ET

How to identify, manage and empower top talent
  • How to identify rockstar leaders within your organization
  • How to develop top-tier talent & retain future leaders
  • How to reward & promote your best & brightest
Session #4

Friday, March 28, 2025 (virtual) 10:30-11:30 CT | 11:30-12:30 ET

Create a culture of risk and innovation in schools
  • Understand why transformations fail
  • Create a sense of urgency as ‘catalyst for change’
  • Build a guiding coalition to ensure success
Session #5

Friday, June 6th, 2025 (on-site, Dallas, TX) | Full-day

Bring it all together to achieve your vision
  • A vision is a ‘dream with deadline’
  • How to execute performance management at scale
  • The ‘Core 4’ & delivering superior customer service

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Together Network for Transformation with Dr. Michael Hinojosa & RocketPD?

The Together Network for Transformation with Dr. Michael Hinojosa & RocketPD is an invite-only school leadership collective featuring group thinking and collaboration to support goal-oriented transformational urban school leadership.

Invitees will come together virtually once every other month for a structured, collaborative, and entirely candid leadership conversation led by Dr. Hinojosa. Each session is focused on a clear challenge of transformational school leadership and brings the nation’s most innovative school leaders together in “a safe space” to ask hard questions, explore best practices and power positive strategic changes within their organizations and/or broader school communities.

Attendees will emerge with a powerful leadership framework and practical set of ideas on which to build and power current and future organizational successes.

Why should I participate in the Together Network for Transformation?

Unlike traditional 1:1 coaching programs, Together Network for Transformation combines with the benefits of an experienced mentor in Dr. Michael Hinojosa, with the power of a collaborative leadership circle, in which the best and brightest minds in K-12 educators are invited to come together, in a safe environment to ask hard questions, pressure test ideas and develop their leadership skills en route to achieving their vision and mission for their school district and/or communities and providing continuous value for school board members and stakeholders.

All sessions are virtual and designed to fit inside busy superintendent schedules, with the exception of sessions No. 5, which features a day live on-site with Dr. Michael Hinojosa and other members of the invite-only collective.

What is the cost of the Together Network for Transformation?

The cost for participation and enrollment is $5,000 and by invitation only. There will be a a maximum number of (10) participants in each collective.

How do I pay for the Together Network for Transformation?

School district leaders are encouraged to pay for their enrollment by working with their local school boards as means of protecting their investment. Travel to Session 5 in Dallas can be paid for out of discretionary travel funds.

Can I invite others to participate in the Together Network for Transformation?

Together Network for Transformation is by invitation only. However, for school leaders that would like their teams to go through a similar process, Dr. Hinojosa and RocketPD can arrange the formation of a custom cohort. Please inquire using the form included on this page.